Degree College Programme

Personality Development & Soft-Skills Training for High School Students & College Undergraduate Students.

Programme Objective:

1. Developing confidence and self esteem of students
2. To help students improve their communication skills
3. To bring positive changes in the attitudinal & behavior of the students
4. To impart career specific practical inputs along with personality development.

Duration of the Course:

10 Weekend Sessions of 4 hours each.


1. Communication Skills

2. Business Presentation Skills & Confidence Building

3. Corporate Etiquette and Grooming

4. Facing Interviews & Resume Building

5. Participating in Group Discussions

6. Goal Setting, Decision Making, Time Management and Planing.

7. Positive mental attitude and Self Motivation, Confronting fear.

8. Team Working Skills.

9. Stress and Anger Management, Conflict Management.

10. Values and Mindsets.


Group Activities, Presentation, Discussion, Role-plays etc.